arrived at Kyoto.

grandma's garden.

I went to Osaka with sisters for a week (28/July - 3/Aug). my grandma live in Osaka. this is my favorite place. (and I really love my grandma!) thank you so much, Grandma! I can't wait see you again :) haha miss you so bad.

xoxo Hikari


shopping at Yokohama

She is my sister. 14 years old now. She wanna be a model (it's secret). I think she can do it haha I'm proud of her.

I bought sky blue skirt and blue tank top(both are ZARA ). thanks mom!

xoxo Hikari

how do you feel?

I went to the beach of Hayama (Kanagawa) with my friends. It was first day of summer vacation (21/08/2011). This day was a good day. perfect sky :) I edited some these same photographs, but became all the favorite thing.

xoxo Hikari

Sparks Fly Video

hey guys! long time no see. I really miss this blog. I can't updated cuz I don't use computer. I should study English all day :O but I like it haha no problem. it's summer vacation now. I had a lot of memory this summer. so  I wanna report this summer to all of you through blog :)

BTW IT'S TAYLOR SWIFT'S SPARKS FLY! You should check this out! Watch now! It was amazing...

xoxo Hikari


studying ENGLISH

I'm Japanese girl. I should study English. because I wanna work all over the world in the future :) I'm the best if I can get fashion-related work! haha Who wants me? LOL

If you like Japan or Japanese, I wanna be your good friends :) please give me an e-mail or a comment!

xoxo Hikari